Greenwich, CT, September 16, 2019: Point Pickup Technologies, a company offering a single platform that solves same-day delivery challenges for enterprises across various industries, will showcase its transformative Precision Delivery Model, featuring Micro DriverNetworks™, at the Groceryshop 2019 conference in Las Vegas, September 15-18, at the Venetian Las Vegas.

The increasing demand for same-day delivery is the critical trend facing major retailers and grocers. To meet this demand, the retail industry must undergo a major transformation in how it delivers its products direct from local stores to customers’ homes on a national level.

Point Pickup has recently begun deploying its Micro DriverNetworks™, enabled by Precision Matching technology, to fill the void in today’s last-mile market. While other delivery solutions look to find the “closest” driver to a retailer’s store, their random method of driver selection doesn’t easily scale. Retailers need a delivery service that naturally scales by matching the appropriate driver, in the correct vehicle, to exact delivery specifications in every major and secondary market, nationwide. By finding the appropriate drivers for each market, as well as deploying drivers only when and where needed, Point Pickup eliminates the need to flood local markets with randomly available drivers — thus, providing a model best-suited to the less densely populated secondary markets. And, by repeatedly assigning drivers to the same schedules and routes, Micro DriverNetworks™ provides the predictability that the last-mile market currently lacks. The end result is better overall delivery performance with happier and more productive drivers and higher customer satisfaction.

“Our large retailer clients require a flexible delivery model with a high degree of predictability. Point Pickup gives them the ability to work with preferred drivers and match deliveries with specialized requirements such as larger or commercial vehicles, HIPAA licensing for pharmaceuticals, among any other criteria,” said Tom Fiorita, CEO of Point Pickup. “The crowd-sourced model used by Uber and other gig-based delivery services can’t reliably deliver the last-mile for retailers. We introduced our Precision Delivery Model to address the specific needs of store-to-home delivery, matching proximity and optimized routing, against exact driver expertise and vehicle requirements.”

This new approach to same-day delivery has other benefits that set us apart from our competitors,” said Fiorita. “It gives our clients the experience of having their own fleets of dedicated drivers, without the financial burden of managing additional employees. And, the drivers form a strong bond with the local stores and consumers when they consistently service the same routes. Our drivers appreciate a predictable work schedule that garners higher and more dependable income.

Point Pickup’s same-day delivery platform currently serves 44 states in more than 100 major and secondary markets.

About Point Pickup

Point Pickup (PPUP), an enterprise same-day delivery solutions company, brings precision technology to last-mile delivery with a highly precise and scalable solution that is being used by some of the country’s largest retailers. The technology platform, along with Point Pickup’s Micro DriverNetworkstm, solves the greatest challenges of the growing same-day delivery market. Point Pickup is the only platform offering pre-scheduled deliveries with favorite drivers while accommodating on-demand requests. PPUP’s same-day platform saves time and money by offering sophisticated matching criteria, optimized routing, selective drivers and an API that integrates with e-commerce systems. For more information, visit

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