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About Us

Point Pickup Technologies, Inc. (PPUP)

Was founded in 2015 by Tom Fiorita whose vision was to create a same-day delivery service that could seamlessly plug into any retailer’s eCommerce platform, enabling them to quickly onboard on-demand and pre-scheduled delivery in every local market across the country.

Tom Fiorita, Founder & CEO

Today, Point Pickup has become the leading enterprise-only, retail-branded provider of fulfillment and last-mile delivery services for the country’s top retailers in all 50 states.

We achieved this by staying true to Tom’s original insight: Retailers want and need to keep their customers on their own-branded platforms from the time of purchase to final home delivery, and everything in between. It’s the only way they can control the complete, end-to-end customer experience and not give away valuable relationships.

That’s why from the beginning, the Point Pickup end-to-end eCommerce model lets the retailer retain control over its brand, data and customer transactions.

Point Pickup’s last-mile eCommerce services, powered by our proprietary algorithmic Precision Matching Platform™, provides retailers unprecedented scalability for every type of product order — grocery, alcohol, general merchandise, oversized, pharmacy — matching it to the exact worker and vehicle required to shop for and deliver them.

Along with platform and services scalability, Point Pickup provides access to the highest-performing and most reliable workforce of shoppers and drivers. For our workers, it’s not just about being on-time, it’s about bringing back the personal touch customers came to expect in the days of the “milkman” — friendly service people who knew their routes and their customers’ needs.

These are the values Point Pickup has instilled in our Flexible Workforce, offering retailers the choice of using their own or Point Pickup’s shoppers for fulfillment and then relying on Point Pickup for delivery. Point Pickup’s Flex Workers and its algorithmic Precision Matching Platform™ ensures that capacity always meets customer demand.