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Our Client Performance Team

Performance Operations Center (POC)

Our teams are built to support your enterprise’s specific fulfillment and delivery needs. The Performance Operations Center ensures orders are successfully completed on time, providing the optimal experience for your customers.

Customized expertise and support for every type of fulfillment and delivery order

General Merchandise

Oversized /
Big & Bulky

On-demand & Pre-scheduled

We assign relationship managers to each of your eCommerce territories

ROM – North

ROM – South

ROM – East

ROM – West

Each relationship manager is an expert in their territory, with deep insights and localized understanding of the logistics, operations and potential challenges at the store level.

Client teams for each territory oversee orders across all order types with real-time analytics

Relationship Manager

Oversees regional store orders in your territories

Published Caller

Ensures worker capacity meets local demand

Active Monitor

Oversees active orders and flags potential challenges

Overdue Monitor

Real-time driver monitoring to ensure on-time delivery

Real-time chat with dedicated Flex Worker
support teams

Chat Agent

Chat Agent

Chat Agent

Flex Workers via App

CRM escalation for issue resolution and feedback with clients and Flex Workers

Flex Workers

Flex Workers report local area and store-specific issues

Relationship Manager

Enterprises receive and provide important store updates

Enterprise/ Store Level