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Point Podcasts

FreightWaves ‘Point of Sale’ Podcast featuring CEO & Founder Tom Fiorita: Incentivizing the Gig Economy

March 31, 2022

Point Pickup Raises $30M to Meet Growing Demand for Enterprise eCommerce Final-Mile Delivery

October 8, 2020

Point Presentations

Tom’s ShopTalk Panel Session | Click-and-Collect, Curbside and Delivery Technologies

Webinar: Adapting Last-Mile Logistics Strategies In the Face of Disruptions

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GigPoint | Watch the GigPoint demo video to learn more about our one-of-a-kind community app for Point Pickup’s Flex Workers to transform their experience with new ways to earn, manage and enjoy their work. 

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Take a look at how the Point Pickup platform helps the retailer control the customer journey from purchase to doorstep. 

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Podcast hosted by Freight Waves | Tom Fiorita, Founder & CEO of Point Pickup, joins host Grace Sharkey on the FreightWaves “Point of Sale” LIVE show to discuss how to engage and incentivize the Gig Economy