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For Individuals

We get it. You’ve got busy schedules and it’s impossible to keep track of everything you’re going to need on any given day. That’s why we created Point Pickup’s same-day delivery service – we take care of those disruptive, last-minute errands such as picking up items from local stores and delivery of take-out meals.

And, if you know you want something delivered on a certain day, at a specific time, we also take your pre-scheduled orders. Our local, loyal drivers are ready to deliver wherever, whenever you need them.

It’s easy to schedule deliveries by using either our Web interface or mobile app – simply sign up via your browser (click on the sign up button) or phone (download the app).

As a Point Pickup user, you can:

  • Place same-day or pre-scheduled, point-to-point delivery orders
  • Specify ASAP for immediate deliveries
  • Request favorite drivers
  • Track your delivery in progress
  • Live chat with your driver
  • Receive order updates/notifications
  • Insure packages
  • View rates prior to confirming orders
  • Receive payment receipts via email
  • Use the mobile app on Android, iPhone and iPad devices

For Individuals

Need something in a hurry? Getting it to your home is only a couple of clicks away. Create an account and have those last-minute items delivered whenever you need them, same day!