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How it works

Introducing a Smart Delivery Platform and Driver Network

In order to deliver same day with precision and scale, PPUP has developed a ‘smart’ technology platform called our Precision Matching System. It is able to match specific customer delivery criteria − type of product, size/weight, special vehicle/licensing requirements, and delivery day, time and location − with the ideal (licensed) driver, vehicle type, location and route.

The Precision Matching System includes a cloud-based, three-tiered architecture with the following components:

  1. An SQL-based database to capture and manage all delivery data;
  2. Sophisticated, propietary middle-ware to analyze delivery matching criteria and optimize delivery routing; and
  3. An API for customizing delivery functionality and integrating with e-commerce systems.

Delivery Platform Interfaces: Businesses and individuals can access all the PPUP functionality, including placing and managing orders, through a Web browser or user app (for both Android and iOS devices). Businesses may also integrate existing online ordering or e-commerce systems into PPUP’s platform via an easy-to-use, fully documented API.

Business/User features include:

  • Manage deliveries via dashboard UI
  • Create point-to-point or multi-routed orders
  • Set pre schedules or on demand (ASAP) orders
  • Select packages/vehicle specifications
  • Tracks orders via a GPS interface
  • Recieve order updates/notifcations
  • Select favorite drivers
  • Live chat with drivers
  • Barcode scanning
  • Requests for signature & ID verification
  • Insure packages
  • Send/Receive payment receipts via email
  • Automated transactions based on default and/or negotiated rates
  • App is Android and iPhone/iPad compatible

EDP™ Driver Network: PPUP deploys an ever-increasing network of everyday people to make deliveries on their own schedule, on the routes that they prefer. It is the fastest growing group of drivers that taps into a new and dedicated resource pool. They join individual contractors and trucking companies to comprise the PPUP Delivery Network.

All drivers may download the Driver App from the Apple Store or Google Play and begin making deliveries right away! Drivers set their own criteria for available hours, location and vehicle(s), and our system will provide them with the jobs that match those criteria. Drivers can also rely on the system to manage seamless delivery transactions with pre-set pricing and automated legal and payment processing.

Driver app features include:

  • Easy, online or app onboarding process
  • Include licensing qualifications (HIPAA, TSA, CDL)
  • Match orders to vehicle/equipment preferences
  • Accept multiple routes and recurring orders
  • Favorite driver and rating qualifiers
  • Send delivery coordinates to any GPS app
  • Receive order updates/notifications
  • Live chat
  • Integrated ID verifications & signature acceptance
  • Barcode scanning
  • Approved transaction history
  • Daily auto-pay/direct deposit for completed deliveries
  • App is Android and iPhone/iPad compatible

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