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For Business

Companies have the difficult task of responding to ever increasing customer demand to deliver products same day, while also continuing to service their current business. This typically means locating and managing multiple vendors who can handle the requirements of the entire delivery supply chain. This can get costly and time consuming.

Point Pickup offers the only solution that can handle middle-mile deliveries while helping companies transition to a last-mile delivery model.

Based on its ‘smart’ technology and diverse network of trucking vendors, independent and everyday drivers, Point Pickup’s provides a flexible platform that offers pre-scheduled deliveries with favorite drivers while also accommodating on-demand requests. 

The Point Pickup business platform provides:

  • An easy-to-use Web interface for creating and managing single or multi-routed delivery orders.
  • A mobile app for local, on-demand delivery orders.
  • API tools for integrating with customers’ online e-commerce systems.

Whether local or national, the platform easily scales from small to mid-sized businesses, up to the enterprise level. 


A business can replace costly legacy services – i.e., third-party vendors that transport products from distribution centers to local warehouses – by simply plugging into Point Pickup’s platform. They can now eliminate steps in the delivery supply chain by locating a product in a local store and delivering it directly to the customer’s home, same day. 

For Business

No matter the size of your business or industry you are in, we can handle all of your deliveries including pre-scheduled or on-demand. We provide both middle- and last-mile delivery options for either point-to-point or multi-routed orders.