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About Us

The Complete Delivery Solution for the Middle and Last Mile

Today’s consumer expects to receive any product wherever they want it, same day. What’s the key to making that happen? DELIVERY. And it all comes down to the LAST MILE − the very last step to getting products to the customers’ doorstep.

That’s where Point Pickup comes in. We’ve built a platform to enable any type of delivery starting at the middle mile (i.e., deliveries to the location before the customer’s home) all the way to the last mile. Why is this important? There is no other solution in the market that can handle both types of deliveries. We can start with where businesses are today and transition them to a same-day delivery model at their own pace.

And, we do this while at the same time:

  1. Lowering delivery costs by eliminating other delivery vendors.
  2. Providing a network with every type of vehicle and driver (truckers and drivers).
  3. Delivering to any location whether urban, suburban or rural.
  4. Servicing any industry/market on a national level.

Point Pickup Benefits

The major industries that PPUP services include:

  • big box and miscellaneous retail
  • grocery
  • liquor and specialty foods
  • automotive
  • pharmaceutical and laboratory
  • among many other markets

Transitioning to same-day delivery is complicated in that it requires precision and scale. The PPUP delivery solution is driven by our new Precision Matching System − smart technology that finds the ideal, same-day delivery options based on a business’s ‘precise’ requirements.

And, the same technology platform provides solutions that scale from individual users to small-to-midsized businesses, up to the enterprise level on a local and national basis.